YOUR WHISK(E)Y TREORAI ("guide" in Irish Gaelig, pronounced Chor'-ee)
Brian L. A. Wess is a whisk(e)y aficionado certified for proficiency in Irish, Scotch & Bourbon whiskies who has been actively training with and being guided by Master Distillers, Master Blenders and Whiskey Experts in the whiskey trade since the 1990's through private sessions, tours and visits to distilleries in Ireland, Scotland and the United States where the worlds finest whiskies are crafted. He has also received specialized training to be able to help guide others and expand the appreciation of this great spirit, its heritage and the dedicated, detailed craftsmanship it takes to produce it.

  • Executive Bourbon Steward Certified Since 2016 -  (1st in Colorado)
    Moonshine University, louisville, Kentucky

  • Member - Stave & Thief Society of Bourbon Whiskey Stewards
  • scotch Whisky Ambassador certified Tutor - Glasgow, Scotland
  • Certification of Expertise, with Distinction, in the Sale & Service of Scotch Whisky
    Scotch Whisky Training School - Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Graduate of the Irish Whiskey Academy - Midleton, CO. Cork, Ireland
  • Whiskey University Adjunct Instructor - Whiskey University, louisville, Kentucky
  • Training & Sessions in whiskey tasting expertise from numerous distillers, Master Blenders & distilleries

About Us

"The Quiet Man" Irish Whiskey Cocktail
       By Brian L. A. Wess © 2007


  • 2 oz Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey
  • 1.5 oz Irish Mist Honey Liquor


  • Fill a 9 to 12 oz Rocks Glass 3/4 Full with Ice
  • Pour in Connemara then Irish Mist and Stir
  • Garnish with Lemon Twist

To introduce, educate and share the wonders of whisk(e)y craftsmanship, heritage and culture to novices, enthusiasts and aficionados alike through classes, expert guided tastings, and unique, bespoke travel adventures with a personal flair.

Mission statement


"I've taken this tour with Brian and it's an amazing time! Brian is very knowledgeable in the rich history of both Whiskey and Ireland herself. I loved the mix of things included on this tour - everything from lush, green scenery to the bustling hub of Dublin, and the crash of the sea at the Cliffs of Moher (my personal favorite). The B&B's included in your package are very accommodating and clean with friendly hosts. The Distillery tours offer both the history of Ireland as well as the drink we have all come to appreciate and love - the special attention that you'll only get with Brian's tour should not be missed!"
Marla Barrett
Arizona, USA