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  • WHISK(E)Y 101 GUIDED Session

Learn the basics of the resurgent spirit from the invention of distilling to how whiskey is made and aged to the basic differences between American, Irish and Scotch Whiskies, blends and single malts. End up learning how to sensorily evaluate, nose and taste whiskies and their different palates through a guided selection of whiskies specially chosen to provide an understanding of the differences, variety, and craftsmanship of this versatile spirit.
To Be Scheduled

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

American Legion Post 209
3613 Jeannine Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Limited to a Total of 30 Atendees Max
Cost: $35/Person Pre Pay


An examination of the Whiskey spirit through the expressions of the Emerald Isle with a discussion of the colorful history of whiskey distilling in the land that pioneered it, what makes Irish whiskey different from others, the current state of the resurgent Irish distilling industry and the active Irish distilleries. Enjoy a guided tasting through a selection of 4 to 5 Irish Whiskey’s specially chosen to provide a range of expressions of the Irish Whiskey Spirit.

To Be Announced


Take a stroll through the Highlands, Lowlands and Island expressions of the Scotch Whisky spirit. Learn about the history of distilling in the land of 100 distilleries, what differentiates Scotch whisky from others, touch on the current state of distilling and a few of the distilleries that stand out in the Scotch whisky industry. Explore with a guided tasting through a hand picked selection of 4 to 5 Scotch Whiskies specially chosen to provide a range of expressions from across Scotland.

To Be Announced

  • American Whiskey Guided Session

The Whisk(e)y Like No Others. From Kentucky Straight Bourbon to Tennessee to the Innovations from the Exploding American Craft Distilling Industry. Explore how Settlers to the "New World" adapted the distilling methods they knew to the available grains, raw materials and climate. Discover the diverse American Whisk(e)y Market with a sample tasting of 4 to 5 Specially Selected American Whisk(e)y Expressions.

To Be Announced

Our Offerings


The FIRST bourbon certification program recognized by the bourbon industry and the ONLY program to be recognized by the Kentucky Distillers Association as its "Official Bourbon Education Course."

Classes are instructed by Colorado's
1st Executive Bourbon Steward,

Brian L. A. Wess EBS, Whisky Ambassador

The program was developed by professional distilling and spirits educators and advised by a panel of experts in the bourbon and hospitality industries to provide a premium, standardized bourbon education that is accessible and holds real value.
Excellent training for Retail & Hospitality Establishments to provide a higher level of service to their clientele, this Training & Certification is also a fun and informational addition to ANY whiskey lovers background.

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Take your knowledge and appreciation for Whisk(e)y on a trip to the lands that invented it with our Whiskey Heritage Tours of Ireland & Scotland.

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Guided Whisk(e)y Sessions

What is a Guided Whisk(e)y Session?(Currently Only in Colorado)   

Guided Whiskey Sessions are designed with a trained & certified Whiskey Treorai ("guide" in Irish Gaelig) to educate folks in a fun and entertaining way about "uisce beatha", literally "water of life" translated to Gaelic by the Irish Monks from the Latin aqua vitae, or Whisk(e)y as we've come to know it today.

Sessions can be individualized to suit many different situations including for a Pub or Bar to help expand their whiskey business by creating a more informed patronage or for groups to provide a fun and unique capstone or supplement to an event.

Our Guided Whiskey Sessions can be booked for private groups throughout the year and customized in consultation with your guide. Each guided session can vary in length and cost from an hour to three hours depending on the group size and the type of session.

Why a guided Whisk(e)y session?

For Pubs/Bars & Hospitality Industry:
(Currently Available Only in Colorado)
Provide a fun and valuable event by expanding their knowledge and appreciation of the multitudinous variations and expressions of the Whiskey Spirit. Unlike the sessions offered by those who represent specific brands of whiskey, our sessions are designed by a trained & certified whiskey specialist in consultation with YOU and with YOUR goals in mind as well as the whiskeys that will provide the best overview for the session attendees. The added benefit to you is that your staff will gain a better understanding and knowledge of whiskey spirits and your establishment will become known for being THE PLACE not only to learn about and experience fine whiskeys, but also to enjoy them.

For Private Groups:

(All must be of legal drinking age to participate, Ages 21 or Over Please )
(Currently Only in Colorado)  
A unique and fun social experience for virtually any group. Each group session is designed by your guide in consultation with you in order to ensure that the needs and goals of your event are met and to create a memorable experience for all.