"I had the most wonderful time on the Whiskey Heritage Tour! Having been recently introduced to Irish whiskey, the distillery tours gave me a deeper appreciation of the history of the drink as well as of Ireland.  Our tour guide, Brian, was excellent! His knowledge of Ireland and the personal attention with the smaller tour group made this tour the experience of a lifetime!  The tour was a perfect mixture of visiting distilleries and many of Ireland’s other amazing attractions. From the distilleries to experiencing the rush of the crashing waves at the Cliffs of Moher, kissing the Blarney Stone to the friendliness of the people of Ireland, this is the tour you have to take!"
Karen Lord
New York, USA

As Reviewed on Irish Central

by well known Irish Travel Writer Susan Byron

 Testimonials & Reviews

"I've taken this tour with Brian and it's an amazing time! Brian is very knowledgeable in the rich history of both Whiskey and Ireland herself. I loved the mix of things included on this tour - everything from lush, green scenery to the bustling hub of Dublin, and the crash of the sea at the Cliffs of Moher (my personal favorite). The B&B's included in your package are very accommodating and clean with friendly hosts. The Distillery tours offer both the history of Ireland as well as the drink we have all come to appreciate and love - the special attention that you'll only get with Brian's tour should not be missed!"
Marla Barrett
Arizona, USA

"My wife (Debbie) and I decided upon this tour with Brian because of the unique itinerary it offered. Being a whiskey enthusiast, having visited over 150 distilleries world-wide, I really wanted to see the distilleries and culture of Ireland. My wife, who isn't a whiskey drinker, was most interested in the scenic, cultural, and historic sites included on the tour. She did enjoy the distillery tours as they provided insight concerning how the product is made as well as the history behind the product and the brands. Both of us also favor historic inns and comfortable B & B's; the places we stayed were exceptional and exceeded our expectations. Brian has put together a 'best-of-both-worlds' tour that really gets at the spirit and heritage of Ireland."
Fred Cubberly
Ohio, USA